English Menu

Friday 20th of May 2022


Starters at €4

Salad with watermelon + feta cheese + basil pesto and sunflower seeds (Vegetarian and gluten-free)

Puff pastry with spinach + goat cheese + raisins and dried tomato oil (Vegetarian)

Pasta alla putanesca (tomato + anchovies + capers + black olives + garlic and chilli) with Parmesan shavings

Pumpkin and orange cold cream with sesame oil (Vegan and gluten-free)


Main Courses at €5

Breaded loin with Hoisin sauce and basmati rice

Chicken and pineapple tacos with “pico de gallo” (Optional gluten free)

Fish & chips with tartar sauce

Lentil and pumpkin tagine with rice(Vegan and gluten-free)


Desserts at €3.5

Greek yogurt with blackcurrant jam (Gluten free)

Banoffee (biscuit crumble + banana + cream and dulce de leche)

Fresh fruit salad (Gluten free)


4 dishes + one drink* 13€

All you can eat buffet (drink not inlcuded) 16€

*Water, soft drink, beer or glass of wine

Menues are individual and indivisible